Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to the Audio Zeal BLOG!

Audio Zeal is now blogging! So what can you expect? Beyond the Audio/Video industry news and articles, we're covering Austin's music & film scene for the latest and greatest talent. Not to be forgotten, we're also taking a look at interior design, modern architecture, and artisan crafts. You may be wondering why a bunch of audio geeks would care about home design? Isn't it just about audio quality? The way we look at it, A/V systems and good design go hand and hand. Although sound quality is a major priority, in today's market it has to be about more. We believe A/V systems must transcend the traditional role of big black boxes and messy cables and effortlessly integrate into a homes decor. A systems design should be a direct reflection of a home owners personal style and musical preferences. Sound intriguing? It's our little industry niche, and we're proud to show you how it's done. So check back often and special thanks to Matt for his insightful ideas.


Nate said...

GOOD Work!!! Best wishes,
from Las Vegas- Nate


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